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 +NOTE:  I ran into problems in which grub would hang and not boot properly when the CmDongle is attached.  There's a page (http://www.wibu.com/faq-codemeter/s/detail/why-does-my-computer-not-boot-if-a-cmdongle-is-plugged-in.html) on the Wibu web site which discusses this, but that solution didn't work.  (maybe the problem they're discussing is actually with the BIOS and not grub?  maybe their solution only works when running the command in the host OS and not in a VM?)  I worked around the problem by disabling legacy USB support in the BIOS, but this has the infuriating side-effect of disabling boot and BIOS access to the server's built-in KVM-over-IP (which shows up as a USB device).  Argh!
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